Tuesday, August 20, 2013

#BlogElul See

So...I'm way behind on blogging, but that's okay. I'll catch up and you, my faithful readers, will either read or not read as you so choose. This has been my last week in business school and unfortunately, finals managed to shut down all creative brain activity outside paper writing.

Anyways, for many who know me very very well, I can't read from a distance. I can make out shapes, can easily see colors, but when I try to read from a distance, there's nothing but a blur. It's why I at times (read: rarely) wear glasses, but pretty much always wear them when I'm taking a class that requires me to look at a blackboard. I don't need my glasses very often, but when I do, I often find that I don't know where to find them (or rather, I know exactly where they are...but they're not close at hand).

It makes me wonder about what we see around us that we take for granted because we don't "need" it very often. I often ignore the moonlight, the trees changing color, the cute look my dog gives me (okay, to be fair...I have a ton of pictures of that). But I tend to not always see what's not directly in front of me--that there are other options than the one that I see, that there are other paths to take, that the loop in my head isn't the only thing worth listening to. I realize all of that in hindsight, but when going through life, there are times where (just like blog posting) I need to be consciously aware to make the effort.

I may not always remember my glasses (actually, I'm not entirely sure where they are at this particular moment), but I can remember to put more of an effort into seeing those around me for who they are (and not just what I want them to be) and to take more time to really see what's around me--to take that walk/run and slow down for a second in order to see a beautiful gazebo in a butterfly garden. To go out of my way to see a meteor shower or a rose garden or an old friend or family member. It's all worth seeing...and who knows? Maybe by making the extra time and effort to see, I can gain a new perspective.

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