Thursday, August 29, 2013

#BlogElul Learn

Such an appropriate post for me...a true student at heart and always finding something educational to keep me busy.

College, synagogue adult education, GRE studying, GMAT studying, business school, Gratz classes, Kelley School of Business, Drisha, and now HUC. I have a real love of learning (even if I don't always have a passion/skill for the subject). I like gaining the new vocabulary, unlocking secrets, adding to skill sets. Upon occasion, I remember theories, formulas, and processes.

But the true learning lies in the ability to apply that learning to something. Whether it's attacking life with a new perspective, utilizing a team to work on promoting events (which venue, who are my customers, what's the language?), or just learning from mistakes (I've made a lot, I continue to make many, and I try not to make the same ones), application is key...and it's what will differentiate you from other learners.

I like charts, graphs, color-coding. It helps me remember what I'm supposed to. But when teaching others/attempting to really learn material myself, I always have to translate it into my own language, to make it relevant to my life, to make it interesting (Ta Sh'ma "Listen up y'all...).

Usually the unexpected hits me the hardest--the life lessons. Keep the emergency money in your wallet, remember to choose your words carefully, always look in the direction that you're driving. It's the mistakes that I've encountered that lets me learn the best lessons...the living of my life that enables me to make better choices in the future. My advice? Live your life, observe the outcomes, and learn accordingly. Be amazing, do good.

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