Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#BlogBOmer: Tiferet B'Chesed

Harmony/Compassion (and some say beauty) in acts of loving kindness...this post is inspired by and dedicated to: Shiran H.

Photo Cred: Shiran
There is nothing quite so terrifying as being told that you're going to be glued to the hip with someone for ten-twelve straight days while maintaining the health, safety, and sanity of forty students, eight Israeli soldiers, and one tenacious tour guide (all of our love to you Ran!). You very quickly need to find a balance when realizing that you'll be spending the entire night in the airport with your co-staff and when you find out that your itinerary has you on your feet and out of the hotels for almost every hour between 6 AM and 12 AM.
Almost a year ago, Shiran and I were both put in this position--two staff members that tend to err on the side of control freaks...err responsibility...while maintaining that our students should have the most memorable and fun trip of their lives. We barely knew each other, save for the fact that we're two hours apart and headed into this trip with perceptions of each other that weren't quite accurate. Our first night in Israel, we decided to clear the air and talk out everything to make sure we were on the same page--little did I know that a two and a half hour conversation where both of aimed to have a bit of compassion for the other would set the tone for the entire trip! Be it dealing with irate hotel staff or insensitive rabbinate members (or hangry tour educators who we fed Laffy Taffy to), we continuously found a balance, a harmony through kindness, humor, and teamwork.

This harmony and balance has continued into our regular daily lives as well. When I became very ill this winter, Shiran was on the phone with me when I couldn't sleep (and couldn't breathe) checking in almost every day via text message and now it's rare for us to go more than a few days without talking [it's already been 3 or 4 now and I miss her already!]. We listen to each other's problems, joys, and discuss/debate dilemmas, helping each other come to appropriate solutions (or at least to see a different perspective). Through our phone calls, Facebook posts (she never goes on Facebook, we'll see if she sees this!), threats on my life (mostly jokes, I think), I find some harmony at the end of each day--acts of loving kindness don't need to be large, they just need to be real. 

The beauty in Shiran's heart, her compassion, and her acts of loving kindness are what make her an incredible Israel fellow and an even better friend. 

אני אוהבת אותך אחותי

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