Thursday, April 9, 2015

#BlogBOmer: Hod B'Chesed

I have always erred when it comes to humility: either I take upon too much (I am a serial apologizer and struggle mightily with compliments [and criticism]) or I fake a decent bravado ("I'm awesome!"). Meanwhile, I've also struggled with finding someone fitting to dedicate this post to (in case, you haven't caught on yet, I'm aiming to dedicate each post to someone who I believe embodies the quality of the day--49+ people that I aim to emulate!). I've decided that for today I'm going to go with the FIRST person that I shared this #BlogBOmer initiative with (she was the first one invited before it got made public!) humility in acts of loving kindness is inspired by and dedicated to the one, the only Felicia L.

Laughing at your latest "Bye Felicia" joke--(Photo Cred: Stolen from Facebook)
Being a Hillel professional is challenging in itself--but being one of the trio that runs the Hillel Mentorship Initiative (shout outs to Brian and Jenna!) is more challenging. The thought, energy, and effort that goes into matching mentees with good mentors is incredible (I should know...I'm already eagerly anticipating next year's mentorship sign-up list). Felicia does it all: creates programs, offers advice, shares in the glee of exclamation points (!!!), shares Facebook initiatives (sup #BlogBOmer) and does it all with an incredible sense of humility.
While she's one of the first people at a professional conference to make a great point or lend a hand or set something up, she's also never one of the first people to talk about herself. Felicia is usually the one that you can see doing chesed: pushing others to the spotlight, cheering on friends' successes, and giving presenters compliments post-sessions. It's one of my favorite times of the day to either share a meal or take a break with her, hearing her insights. For Felicia, it's not about the acknowledgement, but about the action: doing what needs to get done and doing it with a smile.

I aspire to be more like that--to laugh when the going gets tough, put my head down and get 'er done. I love seeing others put a spotlight on their greatness--and helping them expand on that. With time, effort, and inspiration, I hope to be able to grow a bit more in this area of humility within acts of loving kindness, this hod b'chesed. And because it wouldn't be awesome without it--- 

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