Wednesday, April 8, 2015

#BlogBOmer: Netzach B'Chesed

I am ENDURING in continuing to Blog. Normally around Day 4 or 5 of any challenge, I lose patience and interest...but since this one is mine, I'm pushing myself to do better. Endurance in Acts of Loving-Kindness. This post is dedicated to and inspired by the sisters of Sigma Mu Omega.

Greek life is fun. So I hear. Greek life is tough. So I hear. Greek life is family. This I know.

 Me with two incredible Sigma sisters in Israel (Photo Cred: Moran?)

In all reality, I was never in Greek life while I was in college, though I attempted to rush (my GPA was too comment on this was that I proved to be too dumb to be in Greek life) during my sophomore year (shout outs to Jackie I & Jo F who went through the experience with me). But my experience with it at UO is incredible. I'm amazed constantly about the hard work, relationship-building, conflict resolution, and time management that's involved in maintaining a working (let alone thriving) Greek system. And it's impressive.

Sigmas at their annual Beach Retreat (Photo Cred UNKNOWN)

To endure may mean to "suffer something (difficult or painful) patiently." You do a lot of that within any working family: fights happen, someone's feelings get hurt, decisions are made that you don't agree with. In my own family, my mom worked out an incredible electoral process: in any family decision my brother and I each got 1 vote (which were equally counted!), my father got 2 votes, and Mom got 5 votes. BOOM--decision made. In Greek families, it's no different: while you may get to "choose" your family, once they're your family, that's a bond that you can have for life. All of the ups and downs fade away and what's left is the relationship. The sorority or organization construction could disappear and you'd still have an incredible group of amazingly caring, considerate, and communicative women. That's also endurance: the ability to last through any challenge that may arise.

I'm lucky. Because Sigma Mu Omega chose me to be in their lives, to be a part of their enduring family. I get to experience the personal endurance (the challenges, conversations, and conflicts) and the organizational endurance (the smiles, the simchas, the support). These are the girls who message me with "Everything's okay, but..." or send me photos...or come by tabling. These are the women who inspire strong conversations about daily struggles, my misunderstanding of how the Greek system works (I'm learning daily), and how to build a more cohesive and cooperative community both in and outside of the sorority. When Ellie had emergency cancer, they are the ones who gave her the gift of Melvin the Moose (who she still loves, ask Katie!), who gave her pull-toys, who still give her squeezes, scratches, and love. [When I was sick, I got flowers and notes and love too!]

Look at them! Aren't they great? (Photo Cred: Carolyn's Self Timer?)

These are the women who will be the leaders of the future. And I honestly believe that their endurance, their faith, their belief in themselves will continue to be proven through their constant acts of loving-kindness towards each other, towards Hillel, and towards the larger community in which they live.

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