Friday, April 17, 2015

#BlogBOmer: Netzach B'Gevurah

Apologies for the late blogs (these won't be the last ones!), work has been remarkably productive and busy lately--meaning work first, blogs later. Consider it a bit of personal netzach (endurance) b'gevurah (in discipline) --the blogs will get done, but not always on time [whoops!].

This particular post goes out to someone very special in my life Chaya B.

Chaya at the EUG airport (Photo Cred: CHAYA)
P.S. Nice shirt!

Chaya was my remarkable chevruta partner during my second year at Drisha Institute, a place that didn't quite necessarily know how to cater to a Reform Jewish strong-minded student, but loved the talents that same student had at building strong communities amidst VERY different personalities. Enter Chaya, someone who shared my talent and love of building community AND who was willing to be patient with someone who was struggling with the language (or who created up very dumbed down translations). Chaya and I clicked immediately: it just made sense--we hit the books (not really, Jastrow and the Talmuds deserve respect) with a sense of humor that was pretty unparalleled. Jokes for days.

Whether it was talking about our struggles with relationships (or lack thereof) or singing down the streets, Chaya and I connected over our love of music, mensch-work, and making fun of ourselves (and everyone around us). When I moved out to Eugene, Chaya was actually my FIRST friend to come out and visit [to be fair, I have had a few more come out since: shout outs to Shira, Adam, Gabby, M&D, Josh, Ashley, & Chris!], but Chaya was the first. She helped me paint an office, organize a library, hang out with AEPi brothers, and generally got first-hand knowledge of how much I loved my job. In return she got to spend a decent amount of time with one of the many furry loves of her life.

Chaya and Ellie are BFF (Barking Friends Forever)

Generally speaking, Chaya is one of the most resilient and enduring individuals that I've ever met. Whether it comes down to her personal or psychological health, her social activities or her studies, Chaya's enthusiasm and endurance are unparalleled. With regards to gevurah (which can be discipline, restraint, or even strength), Chaya has it in spades, starting running programs, creating Purim shpiels, or even most recently getting engaged! (YAY!). In her second year of rabbinical school, Chaya has a lot to juggle, but still manages to deal with her friends cross-country coming up with crazy blogging initiatives.

Chaya loves Ellie

In my own way, I look up to Chaya a lot--seeking out her strength and wisdom when I feel myself faltering in the fields of endurance (I give up much more easily than she does!) or getting excited about the potential for new ways of incorporating discipline in my life (I love my Passion Planner--even if I don't use it correctly!).  I think she won't even mind having a post that's a day or so late--because she knows that usually, the surprise is worth waiting for!

SURPRISE! Ellie sneak attacks!
To make a long post shorter (too late), we miss you Chai-T! Come back and visit us soon!!!

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