Thursday, May 7, 2015

#BlogBOmer: Netzach B'Hod

While I meant to write this post earlier in the day, I'm still happy that I'm semi-on time with this particular blog (for once? for twice?). As we're working towards the end of the school year (only a few more weeks loves!), I kept thinking about who I think embodies the combination of netzach (endurance) and hod (humility). It's a strange thing to think about a quiet strength, that humility in and of itself is a strength, and that the quiet, thoughtful groups of people are the ones who often have a strong and lasting presence in the end. It occurred to me quickly that this particular blog should be dedicated to (especially as it's been inspired by) my OSU Hillel students.

Our Seder was cooler than your Seder (Photo Cred: Me)

From my first steps on OSU's campus, to biweekly visits (minus a month or so for double pneumonia!) to our first shared Passover Seder, this hard-working and dedicated group of students comes together not for the credit, but for the love of creating community among Jewish students at Oregon State University. We have put hours of conversations into bagel brunches, newly formed board meetings, flyer creating, tabling scheduling, and inviting friends, yarmulke-wearing strangers, and interested bystanders into a growing and vibrant Jewish community in Corvallis.

Ellie is a born tabler (but the others ain't bad either!) (Photo Cred: Me)

The road to success is not an easy one. Twists and turns, obstacles and opposition may stand in our way at times. But we interact with everyone with a smile--we want every student to feel at home in the Jewish community on campus, whether it's grabbing a Laffy Taffy from our table (of course we tabled on the hottest day of the year thus far!), meeting up at the MU for an impromptu indoor bubble wand fight, or talking about potential summer jobs for students in their hometowns, Oregon State Hillel students want to hear all about you. (Marathon sentence). By working together and approaching our leadership with a special sense of humility, we are restructuring our board to reach a greater cross-section of students--every person has a part to play and leadership opportunities are endless for those students who want to play a part in the process. 

I am honored by the time that I get to spend with these students, those who realize that "it is not the position that honors the person, but rather the person who honors the position." They are going places and their Shabbat on Campus is going to be stellar (as will their end of year Picnic in the Park!). I am very proud of you OSU students--thanks for a stellar year!

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